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“Pearce is an amazing driving instructor, I had the most valuable and useful practical tips whilst having a great time learning. He’s punctual, patient and a very nice guy! Highly recommend for first timers or advanced drivers. Thanks, Pearce! You’re a star! 😉”

Louisa Widyanta
Pearce is an excellent instructor, extremely patient and very flexible on lesson times. I passed my test on the first go!

Pearce is a very responsible, enthusiastic, supportive and attentive instructor. He likes what he does and passes his “can do” attitude to his students; he builds the lessons around the student, taking into account their level of ability. He inspires confidence and makes it easy and fun to learn. Highly recommended!

I can’t recommend Pearce enough! He was always professional, accommodating, punctual and thoroughly reliable. He put me at ease from day 1 – His lessons were fun, informative and worth every penny! Pearce gave me the skills and confidence I needed to Pass. If you need your driving licence, don’t hesitate; call him! You will not regret it. Thanks again for everything Pearce

I think that Pearce is a good and patient teacher. Lessons are always informative with a touch of fun. He helped me to realize that a lot of things in driving are just common sense. Besides, he explains very well every mistake you might make and tells you why it may be dangerous and how to avoid it. Thanks to Pearce, I was not just trained to pass a 40 minutes test, I was taught to drive.

Alexis Hennessy
Pearce is a very good driving instructor, and I highly recommend him. He is practical and patient, and he helps the student gain confidence through being prepared. Pearce is always flexible as well in scheduling driving time, and he is full of solid advice. Pearce is very friendly and personable as well, and just a truly nice guy to spend the training hours with. I am very happy I found him, and he got me to the pass!

Donnie Roark

I had the privilege to pass my driving test with the help of Pearce.
As already mentioned by everyone he is a professional, patient and reliable. I recommend him and if you have doubt in passing your driving test. Pearce is the one to help you.

Martin Heaney
Well, I thought I will never drive or at least it will take few years to get licence. But thanks to Pearce I passed my test first time. Pearce is professional with strong can do attitude & great sense of humour. Highly recommended!

Before I took lessons I assumed that driving instructors would be boring, strict teachers who couldn’t wait to get home. However Pearce’s enthusiasm and good attitude made the learning experience engaging and fun. He was serious when he needed to be, and could always call out other drivers’ mistakes as well. I can definitely recommend Pearce.

Pearce is an excellent driving instructor. I was allowed to learn at my own pace, he was always very patient and professional. I passed the practical driving test on my first try. I feel very confident when driving, and I would recommend him to family and friends.

I felt incredibly prepared coming into my exam, and passed on the first attempt! More importantly, I feel very confident on the road. Pearce was fantastic, very patient and gave really great pointers. Also a lovely person, I very much enjoyed our lessons! Thank you so much, Pearce.

Passed my test first time yesterday! Pearce has so much driving experience and knowledge, I couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks again

Pearce is a great driving instructor, I couldn’t have passed my test without him! He is so flexible with lesson timings and was willing to fit lessons around my work hours! The only negative I have to give Pearce is that he frowned upon my singing during lessons, and tried to drown me out! I couldnt recommend him more highly though!

Pierce is an amazing instructor…hes a down to earth guy and very patient, and is very knowledgable when it comes driving!
i would easily recommend pierce to any wannabe driver (expirienced or not)….PS I JUST PASSED MY DRIVING TEST THIS MORNING-FIRST TIME ASWELL!

Pearce is a great instructor – laid back but very knowledgable. Made the lessons enjoyable and got me through the test, no hassle. I highly recommend him!

Joe Devlin
Pearce helped me transition from a left hand drive automatic to right hand manual in one of the most demanding places to drive! He prepared me to the UK standard very quickly, with no hassel and was very flexible to when I was free. It was a great experience and I felt completely prepared for my test and we had good laughs along the way. Highly recommended!

Connor Evans
I had a few instructors over the years but none better than Pearce who was the instructor who helped me pass. Very good instructor and also very friendly and calm, overall a very good method of teaching. I would highly recommend Pearce.

Great instructor! Pearce is a reliable, punctual and most importantly knowledgeable instructor. He seems completely up to date on all the techniques and methods needed to pass the test, as well as comfortable with all the test routes around South London.
Besides that, he’s a pretty cool guy so the lessons actually end up being quite enjoyable. Would definitely recommend him.

Alexander Conradi
I passed my practical driving test yesterday…FIRST TIME! I had put off learning to drive for years out of anxiety that I might not be very good! For professional reasons I had to learn and start totally from scratch. Pearce made me feel totally relaxed about being a complete novice to driving (at 33!) , rather than something I had dreaded it turned out to be a hugley positive experience. Pearce is reliable and flexible with lessons but most importantly gives you the confidence that you can pass your test and drive well thereafter. I have recommended Pearce to a number of friends and will continue to recommend him whenever the chance arises.

Very happy I found Pearce to teach me. After being let down by a previous instructor who was unreliable, I decided to find someone else so began lessons with him. The difference in quality of teaching was significant; not only did he teach me the practical fundamentals and methods required to pass the test, I also learnt helpful tips that will stay with me for the rest of my life Im sure.
Pearce is reliable, flexible with his scheduling, patient, friendly, and works with his students in encouraging analysis of driving situations encountered and how best to deal with them.

Nikolas Wolf
I really enjoyed my lessons with Pearce. He is a very calm instructor and made me feel at ease with driving. After stopping and starting lessons for years I felt that I would never get round to taking my test. Pearce taught me to drive wih confidence and made the most of our lesson time enabling me to finally pass first time. I would recommend Pearce to anyone learning to drive, hes an excellent instructor and is good fun to learn with. Thanks Pearce

Lisa Brown
Pearce is an excellent driving instructor – I passed my test last week first time round! 😀. I can highly recommend Pearce’s driving tuition, as he is patient, punctual and very structured!
I very much enjoyed learning with Pearce, it was a lot of fun!
Thanks again Pearce for helping me pass my driving test! 🙂

Morgane Wagner
I’d passed my test 3 years ago just before having my first child but sadly didn’t drive her at all due to my lack of experience. 3 years on and pregnant with child number two it quickly became apparent that I really needed to drive and required an instructor who could quickly build my confidence, experience and skills…thankfully I found the fabulous Pearce!!
Pearce went above and beyond any driving instructor I’ve ever had. His style of teaching is so experienced that I became an extremely able driver much quicker than I’d have imagined.

Importantly for me we also practised driving that would fit in with my lifestyle; trips to the supermarket, nursery drop off/collection – often a daunting time for the new driver as its an incredibly busy time of day etc etc.

I now just plan to do a motorway lesson and that will be me set!
Lessons were focused and worth every penny, we also had a real laugh.
Thanks to Pearce I absolutely love driving and am very confident with my precious cargo on board!
It will be the best decision you make to sign up with Pearce, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Thank you so much!

Catherine (Wandsworth)
I had obtained my driving licence many years ago, but I stopped driving when I moved to the UK.

I finally decided to do my licence here. I feel very lucky that I came across Pearce, he is very professional and friendly. He motivated me through all the stages and was always very patient. Also he was very attentive with me, the lessons and always kept good track of my progress. All of this while having interesting chats and laughing. No matter what level you are on, I’m sure he will help you pass the test and do the course at your pace and convenience.

Many many thanks Pearce!!

Trying to find the right instructor for me came across this webpage and read all these comments and knew Pearce was the instructor for me! Passed first time thanks to Pearce! I enjoyed learning with him as we had a laugh and he made learning to drive fun! Highly recommend him! I have a small child and work and was never sure if I would have time to fit driving lessons in Pearce is so flexible working late and weekends and always found time to fit me in. If you want to pass quick and first time then contact Pearce he’s fantastic! Thank you so much Pearce!!

Pearce is a top class instructor. I had a course of lessons with him and I passed my test first time. I found Pearce to be very thorough in covering every aspect of what would arise in the test. He is so calm and patient and he is excellent at explaining things so that you understand clearly. I found him to be very honest about how many lessons I needed after he assessed me on the first day. I actually found the test itself very easy as a result of his excellent tuition. I would thoroughly recommend Pearce to anybody.

Jennifer Jadia
Pearce has been an excellent instructor. I had my Canadian driver’s licence but had not driven for many years, and definitely not in the UK. I also had some bad driving habits from before. Pearce was honest and accurate about how many driving lessons I would need, even though I was in a rush to get through it. But it was time well-spent. I corrected my bad driving habits, gained confidence, and passed on the first try. Pearce is very thorough and expects only the best, but he is also very friendly and helpful and would highly recommend him as your driving instructor.

An excellent instructor. Very patient and chatty, knows when to be serious and when to make jokes. Great sense of humour. Pearce has taught me how to be a decent driver, not just someone who can pass his test. Highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to drive in the London area.

Daniel Pan
Peare is a amazing driving instructor. I passed on my first go with him. Would highly recommend to take lesson with him. He is friendly and also very talkative and make you feel comfortable. Would deffo recommend him

Another positive recommendation to add to the list on this website. Pearce is indeed a very punctual, patient, and good instructor. His years of experience produce a positive learning environment, with clear instructions enabling one to feel comfortable to learn. I too passed my test on the first try, thanks to his lessons. Thanks Pearce!

Pearce is a professional instructor: he is very patient, flexible and honest. Proof? I passed my test first time round. I had a lot of pleasure to take driving lessons with him. Thank you!

Pearce is a great instructor who is experienced , patient, reliable and funny. He makes being in the same car for 2 hours enjoyable but yet professional. I highly recommend using him. Thanks for all the support and tutoring.

If you’re looking for an instructor with whom you can have a good laugh while still being fully focused on perfecting your driving, then Pearce is in my view a fantastic choice. He is incredibly professional all the while staying a very amicable character (with lots of Banter!!). Thanks to him, I have passed my practical exam first time! Only one downfall: he supports Manchester United the poor sod…
Thanks boss for the lessons, and good luck for the future!

Hadrien Gailly de Taurines
I have just passed my test this morning after just a few lessons with Pierce! He clearly understands the exam requirements and spares no time focusing on all the necessary skills for a flawless drive. He was punctual, friendly and very alert to all the necessary details. Lessons were fun and he definitely made driving easy for me. Thank you Pierce!

Pearce has been a great instructor. He has been careful at every small detail to make the experience less stressful for me. He is extremely punctual, patient and understands all exam requirements in order for passing as soon as possible. I passed the first time I tried to do the practical exam and it was thanks to him. Would definitely recommend!

Pearce has been a fantastic driving instructor for both my sons. My oldest son passed first time round about three years ago and my second son passed yesterday also the first time round. They have both been very happy with Pearce and I keep recommending him to all my friends!

Pearce is the absolute best! Patient, flexible and extremely knowledgeable. Could not have passed without him. Highly recommended for people who want to pass on the first attempt!! THANKS!!!

Rick Aquilino
Pearce is highly recommended for first time passing. A very nice person and a trustworthy and professional instructor. He helped my husband and me to have a smooth experience with a very stressful test. We both passed the test at the first attempt thanks to him. Again thank you!

Just passed my test first time, so glad i learnt to drive with Pearce! Tried other driving schools but it was Pearce that got me through the test. He’s very patient and makes you feel at ease, cannot thank him enough! I will definately be recommending him!

Pearce was an amazing driving instructor. Highly recommend. He was very patient and fun whilst teaching me to drive, giving me the skills and confidence to take my test!

Eliza Bowring
This legend got me to pass first time. Every lesson was informative, constructive and highly entertaining. Pearce has a great sense of humour and is very patient, so will get you to relax into your driving no matter how nervous you are of nature. 100% would recommend

Anastasia G de T

Overall good experience and teaching style. Passed from the first attempt.

Pearce is a first class driving instructor; I passed on my first attempt and had a great time whilst learning. He is professional and fun, as well as being very patient. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive, whether you’ve never been behind the wheel before or if you’re more advanced and just need a couple of reminders. THANK YOU!

Rose Sutcliffe
Pearce or Mr V as I call him is one of the most patient, committed and flexible driving instructors you could ever have the pleasure of encountering. Not only does he motivate his students at all times with focus and drive but he is also manages to have a laugh doing it. Highly recommended to all learner drivers!! Thanx again Mr V 🙂

After a non starter with 3 driving instructors I found Pearce and he was brilliant. Thanks to him I found the focus and confidence to go through with the lessons and acquiring my licence. I drive in London now – never thought that day will come. The lessons were fun, instructions well explained, professional. I remember the big fat, giddy smile on my face when I passed my test 🙂

I highly recommend him for both learning how to drive and advanced plus course.

Kiki Nortey
Passed my test first time thanks to Pearce’s straightforward, professional attitude. Extremely reliable and a great teacher, I would have no problem recommending Pearce as a driving instructor to anyone.

Billy Dawton
Pearce is a great teacher, I passed my test first time and I loved the fact I was learning in a medium size car. I felt confident and at ease behind the wheel, I have tried other driving instructors. But never found anyone that could make driving fun and explained the lessons as well that I got them first time.

Pearce is an excellent driving intstuctor. He is extremly thorough using patience and persistence to develop drivers to not only pass the test but to become accomplished confident drivers in a short periond of time. Regards, Mark Redmond

Mark Redmond
Pearce was a wonderful driving instructor. He made the process easy and was very helpful with availability for booking to lessons and test. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any friend. Thank you for all your help, I am a happy driver now.

HR Lindahl
I would like to thank Pearce for his help regarding my driving licence. He if very professional and experienced instructor. He knows his job very well in order to find the key problems of learners during the learning time. He is patient and very friendly. Highly recommend for any one who want to get the driving licence safe and secure. Once again thank you Pearce.

Pearce was a great instructor teaching me the skills and rules I needed to know to pass my driving test. He was very flexible, reliable and willing to work around my schedule to set up my driving lessons, some of which were very early in the morning. I would highly recommend Pearce to anybody who wants to be well prepared to pass the driving test and have an enjoyable driving lesson experience.

Pearce is an excellent driving instructor. He is extremely thorough when explaining the rules and insists that the rules are applied perfectly on the road. He is pleasant and runs the lessons so smoothly with a hint of fun. Thank you for a wonderful experience and all the help to become a confident driver.

Pearce is a professional driving instructor. He is very flexible to work around my schedule and patient during the lessons. His attitude towards teaching is relaxed which makes the lessons very pleasant.
He will give you all the information you need to successfully pass the test, I highly recommend Pearce for anyone who is looking get good driving knowledge and to pass the driving test. Thanks Pearce.

Pearce helped me to be a ‘safe and confident driver’, as commented by my examiner after acing my test.

Though I considered myself an experienced US driver to begin with, Pearce quickly assessed my self-taught skill level and helped me to correct bad habits, and generate new good habits, particularly for the UK road.

As many others have commented, he’s patient, punctual, a good laugh, and dedicated to making sure you have the tools you need to be a good uk driver.

Just pass my practical test with ease. Pearce is really knowledgeable and more importantly encouraging. I will recommend him to anyone who’s seeking a good instructor.

Pearce is a FANTASTIC driving instructor. I am an experienced driver from Canada but benefitted hugely from Pearce’s expertise of driving n the UK. Pearce is very reliable, intelligent and highly skilled at what he does. I have two kids and I found Pearce to be incredibly accommodating as regards our lessons and timing.

I took my driving test with great confidence and passed on my first attempt. There is no doubt that Pearce played a large part in that. I would recommend Pearce to any new or experienced driver.

Pearce is a fantastic instructor! He is punctual, patient and very friendly. I’ve passed my test from the first attempt. I would highly recommend Pearce to anybody.

Pearce did a great job getting me confident behind the wheel and pushed me to become a better driver. His style is laid back and efficient, and he helped me work on the specific areas where my driving needed to improve. Preparation for the test was also extremely useful with lots of practice in the area of the test centre and drilling of test routes and manoeuvres. I couldn’t recommend Vandev Driving school enough!

As an experienced driver (18+ years) I was not really looking forward to having to do another driving test to get a UK license. Pearce is an easy going yet very dedicated instructor who managed to strike the right balance of constructive feedback and support, to give me the confidence to pass the test first time round after only a few lessons, to get accustomed to the test requirements. Would highly recommend him to experienced drivers.

J E Cabello
Pearce is an amazing instructor, I had fun learning how to drive & be safe on the road. Pearce determination towards every lesson made it a lot more easier to get over anxiety and just focus.
I would highly recommend him to first time drivers . Thanks Pearce 🙂

Miss Omaima
Very helpful and informative, I passed my practical first time round, also very patient and flexible with timing. Highly recommended. Thanks!

Sana M
Pearce is a very good instructor. Has good sense of humor, is patient and pays attention to details. Thank him I passed my exam. Thank you Pearce very, very much. Will definitely recommend you .

I passed my driving test first time round today and am over the moon! All Thanks to Pearce who made the entire experience stress-free and very enjoyable! He never lost his cool, was very patient, personable and very professional. To add to the list – always punctual and very flexible with time.That’s a rarity.

Coming from India I had picked up lot of bad habits and an “experienced ” driver’s ego– now I can confidently say my standard of driving is great, bad habits gone and I now know how to properly drive and look after a manual transmission car. I highly recommend him – not just for passing tests first time round but if one wants to improve your driving skills.

Many many thanks Chief…!

I learnt to drive some time ago but when I moved to the UK from Australia my licence expired and I seldom had occasion to drive. Returning to the driving seat was made easy and manageable with Pearce’s expert and laid back tutelage. Not only did my confidence soar on those tours of south-west London, but I also came to appreciate the mechanics and basics of the manoeuvres – something that had never really sunk in before. Pearce has a laconic and patient blend of quiet confidence that is ideal for the learner (or re-learner) driver. On the odd occasion one feels like giving up and relying on the buses, his humour and encouragement sees one through. I would definitely recommend Pearce as a driving instructor. His blend of interest in people, patience and “Antipodean straightforwardness” makes him pleasant company as well as a very competent teacher. I hope he is still in business when my sons need an instructor!

Two and half months ago I didn’t think I could drive a car and I never drove in my life but everything changed in a short period time, all credits goes to Pearce. Pearce is a fantastic instructor and he is very reliable, professional at what he does. I would definitely recommend him to anyone at any level of driving.

Thank you very much chief.

Having tried 4 other driving instructors I finally found Pearce who was brilliant. He was always in a good mood (even very early mornings!) and extremely calm and patient. He also had a very optimistic and positive attitude in my driving abilities. He would instantly flag up areas of concern and look to rectify those, which showed his attentiveness to my driving. We went through the syllabus at my own pace so that I felt confident and safe out on the road on my own. I would definitely recommend Pearce!

Every lesson is informative aswell as fun. Pearce is patient but makes sure that you make little or no error so that you can pass your exam with ease. I would like to thank him again for his help and would definately recommend him!!

Pearce has been an amazing instructor. He is very flexible, which has been great for me as Im a busy student at university and been interning during the time he taught me to drive.
He is very motivating, friendly and patient. Ive recommended him to a couple of friends already and strongly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive because he is great.
Ive passed first time today with his help, Thank you Pearce!

I couldn’t have done it without Pearce. As an “experienced” driver from Australia (who forgot to swap over his AUS licence in time) I would have utterly failed the practical test without lessons. And if it wasn’t for Pearce’s patience, skills and good nature, I think I would have been all-too-quick to take offence at being “taught” how to drive again. Thanks for getting me through, Pearce! Cheers, Ben

Ben M
Have already recommended to a friend! Great driving lessons with Pearce. Doesn’t get stressed out at all and very patient. Has some good stories too! Recommended!

V Farrell
Friendly and punctual. Would highly recommend- passed on my first test.

I spent almost a year with Pearce learning to drive. He was extremely patient with me. I would highly recommend him for those learning to drive who are a little nervous on the road!! Pearce has made me a safe driver and appreciate all those hours he spent explaining things (even if for the tenth time) to me. He has a great attitude and is friendly and always on time! Truly a great instructor!

Pearce is a brilliant driving instructor, I really enjoyed my lessons with him, he was very patient throughout the whole process. He was also very flexible with lesson times and would fit them around my availability. I’ve passed my driving after first time! I would highly recommend Pearce to anybody who wants to learn to drive! I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Thank you very much Pearce !

I had a fantastic time with Pierce – I just passed my test first time. He’s a great teacher, patient and honest about my mistakes, and he made the whole experience very easy and enjoyable. Thank you!

Pearce is an excellent instructor who teaches very well and who prepares you to a high standard for both the driving test and feeling confident at the wheel. I would thoroughly recommend him. Many thanks for your support Pearce!

Dr Tamsin
Im amazed to choose this lovely guy as my instructor after wasting money and time with 3 different instructor. He’s always on time and very helpful. To crown it all I passed with 4 minor after learning with him. He’s the best for the business at d moment.

Raji ade
Pearce was a first class driving instructor who was very helpful, patient, punctual and fun person to be learning to drive with. He was very supportive and a great guy to have in the car with me. I could tell he loves what he was doing and I enjoyed every lesson with him. Top class instructor and and person.

Just Passed first time with 4 minors after 40 hours with a great instructor. Would definitely recommend.

Pearce was a brilliant driving instructor – he made sure I went into my driving test feeling confident and comfortable, and I passed first time! Incredibly supportive, and lessons were always a bit of fun.

I needed to have a full UK licence in less than 2 months. Pearce is so flexible that he acomodated my agressive schedule with his which was very helpful. Long story short, I passed the test on the first try. He knows his stuff and made the test look super easy. Thank you Pearce!!

I managed to pass my test on the first attempt! Pearce was great and managed to book me in for lessons when I needed in a short time period of just 3 months. I found lessons fun and his style of teaching definitely helped with my progression! He is flexible with hours across the weekend and evenings too. Thank you so much for all of your help and most of all patience!

I just recently passed second time with Pearce. He is a fantastic instructor, very patient, punctual, friendly and overall really nice guy. He made my overall experience of driving enjoyable I now drive confidently. I learnt a lot driving with Pearce I would highly recommend him to anyone ready to learn to drive especially new beginners. Thank you so much Pearce for all you help and encouragement I passed 06.02.2018

Charli Baker
Pearce is a great instructor, but even better, he’s a great guy too…very fun to have in the car, whilst being able to help you adjust you skills to further improve your driving ability. Would definatley recommend to students, have already recommended him to loads of mates!

William Ross

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