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Have you got your driving theory test coming up? If so, you may be feeling nervous and anxious about it, but there’s really no need. Any good Wandsworth driving school will help you to get ready for your theory test. However, here are some tips to help you perform as well as you can on the day:

1. Start your Wandsworth driving school lessons before you take the theory test: actual, practical experience behind the wheel will give you a much greater understanding of the theory of the Highway Code, so you may find the theory easier.

2. Discuss it with your driving instructor: your driving instructor will always discuss the rules of the road while your lessons are taking place. However, you can also ask questions of your Wandsworth driving school instructor while you’re having your practical lessons. This is a really good opportunity to ask about anything you might have read that you don’t understand. Your SW18 driving instructor will also be able to help you work out the areas where you may need greater understanding or more preparation.

3. Study the Highway Code: don’t just rely on what you do in your Wandsworth driving school lessons. Take the opportunity to study on your own in your spare time, so you can really get to grips with the Highway Code.

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