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One option considered by many people learning to drive in South Kensington and the wider SW7 area is taking an intensive driving course. On an intensive driving course, you’ll spend a large number of hours over a week or two weeks learning to drive, rather than the standard South Kensington driving school pattern of regular weekly lessons.

There are several different South Kensington driving schools that offer intensive courses, so it’s likely you’ll have different options to choose from. However, it’s important to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of taking an intensive driving course before you book those lessons with a South Kensington driving school.

Benefits of an intensive driving course

  • you’ll get through your driving test more quickly
  • it’s ideal if you just want to learn to drive but won’t find it convenient to have regular weekly lessons
  • you get to do your driving test while everything you’ve learned from your South Kensington driving school instructor is fresh in your mind

Drawbacks of an intensive driving course

  • you’ll need to be organised to make sure you can get your driving test booked for when you finish your course
  • you won’t have the benefit of lots of practice over time, meaning you may forget the skills you’ve learned more quickly than if you took your lessons more slowly
  • it can be a big cost up-front.
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