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Many Richmond driving schools will offer the option for you to learn to drive in an automatic or a manual car. This is a big decision, so it’s important to weight up the options carefully. You also need to think about what sort of car you want to drive after you’ve passed your test, as this will have a bearing on your decision.

Benefits of automatic cars

1. By taking your Richmond driving school lessons in an automatic car, you won’t have to worry about changing gears all the time.

2. You can learn to drive more quickly, simply because there is less to learn.

3. The number of automatic cars being produced is on the increase – so taking your Richmond driving school lessons in an automatic won’t necessarily limit you to buying a certain type of car afterwards

4. It can be less stressful to drive an automatic car in the TW18 area because you don’t have to worry about changing gear at the right time.

Disadvantages of automatic cars

1. If you pass your driving test in an automatic car, you’ll only be allowed to drive an automatic car.

2. Automatic cars tend to use more fuel than manuals. There’s nothing your Richmond driving school instructor can teach you to stop this – it’s just the way they’re made.

3. Because there’s less to worry about when driving an automatic car, you may start to pay less attention to the road or become a lazy driver. A good Richmond driving school will teach you to always be aware of your surroundings.

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