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There are lots of different driving schools offering lessons for learners in the Mortlake area, so it’s important to be sure you’ve chosen one that offers high-quality, safe tuition. There are certain things you should be able to expect as standard from any good Mortlake driving school in the SW14, as follows:

Qualified instructors

Check you’re being taught by a fully qualified Mortlake driving school instructor. They should be DSA-registered and display a green or pink badge in the window of the car. This will help you know your Mortlake driving school takes quality seriously.

Progressive tuition

You need to learn to drive a car following a logical order, so your skills can develop naturally. For example, when you first sit in the car, your Mortlake driving school instructor should show you what all the buttons, pedals and controls do. You should then learn basic things like moving off and stopping, before you’re taught about cornering or manoeuvres. Check your Mortlake driving school will follow this sort of pattern.

Comprehensive tuition

Your Mortlake driving school lessons should cover all the skills you will be tested on in the driving test. Whenever your instructor is explaining something to you or correcting you, they should be able to clearly explain themselves so you can understand exactly what you need to do.

If your current instructor isn’t living up to these standards, it might be time to find a new Mortlake driving school.

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