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Learning to drive is a big investment, so it’s important to be sure you’re getting the most out of your lessons with a Battersea driving school. There are several things you can do to ensure you’re well prepared in order to get maximum benefit from each one of your Battersea driving school lessons in the SW11 area, including the following:

  • wear the right clothes: it’s important to wear comfortable clothes and to think about your footwear. It isn’t safe to drive in high heels, slippers or very heavy boots.
  • be well rested: it really isn’t a good idea to have a big night out the day before your Battersea driving school lesson, and you certainly should limit your alcohol consumption the night before. Tell your instructor if you’re not feeling well, as certain medicines can make you too drowsy to drive safely.
  • don’t worry about being nervous: it’s only natural to be a little scared about learning to drive. Just tell your instructor how you’re feeling and they will ease you into it – a good Battersea driving school instructor will always be considerate of how a learner is feeling.
  • keep to the rules: just because you’re a learner, it doesn’t mean you can’t get penalty points on your licence. You don’t want speeding points on your licence before you’ve even taken your test! So be sure to familiarise yourself with the Highway Code and your responsibilities as a driver before you even begin your Battersea driving school lessons.
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